Sunday in Ghana!

I was apprehensive when our bus pulled up to The Church of Pentecost. I had no idea what to expect. We were warmly welcomed as we walked into the light filled, airy building. When the service began, we received a special shout out and were even asked to come to the front and individually introduce ourselves. We thanked them for letting us join them for worship and they cheered for us.

A panorama of the inside of the church from our seats. The layout is similar to my traditional church at home, but we sat in individual seats instead of pews. Photo Credit: Ellie Erickson

Happy Mother’s Day!

Sunday was also Mother’s Day, so a huge part of the worship was devoted to blessing the mothers and potential mothers. All of the females in the church went to the front and sang a song while dancing together. This moment stood out to me because this congregation respected women as their equals in task and I was comforted by the acknowledgment.

The choir sang and most of the members were about our age (18-21). They were so passionate and loved performing for their congregation. Photo Credit: Ellie Erickson

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.44.22 AM
Ellie took an amazing video of us singing songs of worship while dancing and jumping. I captured this moment from her video because you can see the radiant joy on my face as I was mid-jump and singing with my fingers pointed to God.

Many Ghanaians spend the entirety of their Sunday at church. This was no surprise to me after only two hours spent worshiping there. The room was filled with a contagious pulsing joy. Jesus is alive in Ghana!


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