Hiking Is More Than Just Fun

It’s the best of both worlds…hiking is fun and good for you too! Walking is a low impact exercise that has numerous cardiovascular benefits. And having a health heart is key because you can’t survive without one!

Our trail crossed a small stream, so we walked across a log to avoid getting our shoes wet!

Preservationist, John Muir, wrote, “in every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks.” From watching the video below, you will see that people choose to go hiking for many different reasons and end up experiencing multiple benefits from their adventure.

One common benefit most people gain from hiking is escaping society and technology. Personally, I have experienced and enjoyed this. When I hiked Rainbow Falls Trail, my phone had absolute no cell service and the disconnect was so refreshing. My friends and I were able to enjoy an intellectual conversation with no distraction aside from the surrounding nature. Not only is the break peaceful, but a study found that “immersion in nature, and the corresponding disconnection from multi-media and technology, increases performance on a creativity, problem-solving task by a full 50% in a group of naive hikers.” Hence, another benefit!!

Focus on Nature

Hiking not only helps your brain, but your body too! Depending on the elevation and difficulty of the hike, you can burn over 500 calories per hour. And you are walking on dirt (opposed to concrete), so the impact is much better for your joints. The inclines of trails might seem a little daunting, but if you need an incentive to get to the top…just look at this view!

View from Standing Stone Mountain

Now stop reading this, get outside, and GO TAKE A HIKE!!!!

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Credit for all photos: Anna Hoffman